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1) Staff

You can contact the 6.08 instructors (Joe, Stefanie, and Max) via You can contact the TAs and UTAs via

Name Role Office Email ( Picture
Stefanie Mueller Instructor 32-211 stefanie.mueller Stefanie
Max Shulaker Instructor 36-824 shulaker Max
Joe Steinmeyer Instructor 38-583 jodalyst Joe
Lotta Blumberg T.A. 38-530 blumberg lotta
Julian Chacan-Castano T.A. 38-530 julianch Julianie
Mark Chounlakone T.A. 38-530 mchoun95 Marky
Ziwen Jiang (Jacky) T.A. 38-530 ziwenj jacky
Allison Lemus T.A. 38-530 alemus Allisonie
Claire Nord T.A. 38-530 cnord Claire-ie
Tuan Phan T.A. 38-530 tuanphan Tuanie
Jeana Choi L.A. 38-530 jeana jeana
Priscilla Y Wong L.A. 38-530 pywong pywong
Sharon Lin L.A. 38-530 sharonl sharonl
Matthew J Stallone L.A. 38-530 mattjs matt
Andrew D Churchill L.A. 38-530 adchurch andrew
Kye Burchard L.A. 38-530 kyeb kyeb
Kenneth R Collins L.A. 38-530 kennethc kenny1
Daniel A Klahn L.A. 38-530 dklahn dklahn
Mike Wang L.A. 38-530 mike1997 mikey2
Amanda E Horne L.A. 38-530 ahorne ahorne
Annika L Heuser L.A. 38-530 aheuser annika
Aye M Htun L.A. 38-530 ahtun ahtun
Christie Hong L.A. 38-530 cshong christie
Christina C Liao L.A. 38-530 ccliao ccliao
Daniel A Klahn L.A. 38-530 dklahn dklahn
Daniel G Gonzalez Cunningham L.A. 38-530 dangonzo dangonzo
Francisco R Proskauer Valerio L.A. 38-530 fprosk fprosk
Harrison M Allen L.A. 38-530 hmallen hmallen
Houssam Kherraz L.A. 38-530 houssam houssam
Olivia C Siegel L.A. 38-530 osiegel osiegel
Ravi Rahman L.A. 38-530 r_rahman r_rahman
Renee T Silva L.A. 38-530 rtsilva rtsilva
Samuel C Cherna L.A. 38-530 cherna cherna
Scott T Cameron L.A. 38-530 scottcam scottcam
Stephanie Y Zhang L.A. 38-530 zhangsy szhang
Leon Cheng L.A. 38-530 leonc leonc
Joanna M Sands L.A. 38-530 joannas joannas
Liam J Ackerman L.A. 38-530 liamack liam
Taylor Grey L.A. 38-530 tagrey tagrey
Mairead M Solvang L.A. 38-530 mairead mairead

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