What Is Expected of You

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The big message here is RESPECT. We are a community, and an important piece of maintaining and growing that community is to treat people and things (be it hardware or someone else's work) with respect. Pushing the limits of things can and should be a natural part of learning, but that needs to be tempered with an awareness for how it may make others feel.

1) Hardware

We are providing quite a bit of hardware for you to borrow. We expect you to treat the hardware components with care. The hardware should always be in the carrying case unless using it. Damage to and/or loss of a kit may result in you having to pay to replace it.

You can feel free to use the hardware for your own projects outside of class! Just make sure to not do anything that prevents use for 6.08. Also, we won't have the resources to help debug hardware issues that arise if you take the system apart and are unable to put it back together, or if you try to develop outside the scope of our software stack. There are ways to irreversibly "brick" components, so please be careful.

2) Malicious Code

In this class you will be writing code that will run on a public-facing server. Any attempts to write malicious code to run on the server will result in a course grade of F and immediate referral to the Committee on Discipline.

The same goes for the course website (the web infrastructure you're reading this on now). Any attempts to inject malicious code into exercise checkers will result in significant grade deductions and immediate referral to the Committee on Discipline.

3) Database Code of Conduct

Tutor exercises, labs, design exercises, and the final project may make use of shared databases. Submitting derogatory, inflammatory, or profane content to the database will result in a 0 for that assignment, additional overall grade deductions, and may result in immediate referral to the Committee on Discipline at MIT. Treat other with respect.

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