Week 7 Exercises

Spring 2019

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For Week 7 We're going to be looking at Implementing some Cryptographic functions (and breaking them), reviewing power. Note this exercise is due after spring break (Sunday March 31st), however we strongly suggest you try to complete it before then since there is another pset that week after and then there is the midterm.

Because of the weirdness of spring break and the proximity of our final afterwards, we're including the first half of lecture 07, covering some basic encryption/decryption stuff so there is background for the assignments below. This way we'll have less to do after spring break.

Required Exercises

Design Exercises

There are two design exercises up for grabs this week. See the course grading policy on these.

1) Symbol Key

Symbols for exercises correspond to the following events.

  • : Not attempted / submitted
  • : Attempted but not complete OR all submissions used up and not 100%
  • : Complete but late
  • : Complete and on time
  • : Complete and on time, using only one submission per question (not worth anything more than regular Complete and on time)

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