Exercises 01

Spring 2019

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1) Required Exercises

Below are the exercises that you're required to do for Week 1. This exercise set is shorter than average due to it being the first abbreviated week. These are due on February 10, 2018 (at 11:59pm). For details on lateness please see the grading page. The first exercise covers some basic C++ syntax and structure. The second exercise introduces pointers and arrays. The third exercise looks at how we'll handle strings in C/C++. The fourth exercise looks at circuits and power, laying some groudnwork for future work. We'll build on all of these exercises in future exercises and labs.

2) Design Exercises

With the exception of the first, abbreviated week, there will be one to several design exercises posted. These are open-ended assignments intended to provide a way for you to prepare for the final project, both in terms of how to deal with loosely-defined specs and how we will grade final project deliverables (either it is working as required or not). Each Design Exercise will be comprised of one or two deliverables which you must demonstrate to the teaching staff via a video upload/link for a checkoff. Deliverables are either achieved or not. If something is only half-working, then it is not working. You can think of the scoring as casting to an integer. The design exercise is 0.85 out of 1 done? well (int)0.85 turns into 0.

Design exercises are due along with regular exercises (at Sunday 11:59pm of the week they are due) and are subject to similar late penalties.

Each design exercise is worth up to 2.5 points (final points from your overall grade in the class). You can achieve a maximum of 10.0 design exercise points during the semester which means you'll need to fully complete a minimum of 4 design exercises to get full credit on this portion fo your final grade. You could also achieve some partial credit on certain design exercises. We suggest starting early on design exercises since as we get later in the semester (final project time), design exercises will stop and ther will be no way to recover any lost points.

3) Symbol Key

Symbols for exercises correspond to the following events. We'll also have a progress page hopefully posted by the end of week 1 for tracking your work.

  • : Not attempted / submitted
  • : Attempted but not complete
  • : Complete but late
  • : Complete and on time
  • : Complete and on time, using only one submission per question (not worth anything more than regular Complete and on time)

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